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idScan® software

idScan® OCR for Driver Licenses
idScan® OCR for Passports
idScan® for Checks

Medical cards

MedicScan® OCR


SnapShell® R2
SnapShell® FDA
SnapShell® Passport
SnapShell® for Kiosk

Contact Management

Scan to Outlook
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Scan to ACT!
Scan to Microsoft ® CRM

OCR Scanners

ScanShell® 800R
ScanShell® 800DX
ScanShell® 900DX
ScanShell® 1000B
ScanShell® 2000R
ScanShell® 3100D

Non OCR Scanners

ScanShell® 800NR
ScanShell® 800DXN
MagShell® 900
ScanShell® 2000NR
ScanShell® 3100DN