MedicScan® PRO OCR
Also known as ScanShell.Net® OCR- Medical Cards

Works with Scanshell® or Snapshell® Scanners only.

MedicScan® PRO OCR is an easy-to-use insurance card scanner module that greatly facilitates and speeds up the process of transferring data from medical cards into electronic forms. It reads both sides of an insurance card (In one or two scans, depending on the scanner), and provides you with the card's image as well as extracted data into a database, ready to be exported into various applications, email, FTP and the web.

MedicScan PRO OCR Export to various applications, email, and the web. The information stored in ScanShell.Net® for medical cards can be easily exported to various applications as well as emailed and exported to an FTP or web address directly from within the program.


  • Automatic page-feed detection launches the scan job immediately upon the insertion of a medical card into the insurance card scanner.
  • Documents image and data are stored locally or exported automatically.
  • Extensive export capabilities, export to various applications, email, FTP and the web
  • Image auto alignment automatically corrects incorrect card insertion.


MedicScan® PRO OCR comes with a variety of insurance card scanners. All scanners are twain compatible, color with a resolution up to 600 dpi. The scanners connect to the computer's USB port, thus requiring no external power supply.

A6 simplex scanner A6 duplex scanner A4 simplex scanner A4 duplex scanner
a6 Insurance card scanner MedicScan PRO OCR A6 duplex scanner A4 Insurance card scanner A4 duplex check scanner