Bundled with MagShell® 900 -Magnetic stripe reader

The ScanShell.Net® magnetic stripe reader extracts data from magnetic strips of personal ID cards such as driver licenses into a powerful database.

The MagShell® 900 reader is capable of reading any AAMVA and ISO compliant driver’s license with a magnetic strip.

The data and images can be sorted, retrieved according to various search criteria, printed in various formats, and easily and automatically exported to various applications, email, FTP and the web.
With a reading and processing speed of 1-2 seconds per card, it is the ideal solution for customer service offices and counters.

SDK tools

ScanShell.Net® magnetic stripe reader is available with our powerful SDK tools at no extra charge, with support for C++, Visual Basic and many other programming tools and languages.


ScanShell.Net® magnetic stripe reader comes with our magnetic stripe reader MagShell® 900. The scanner is twain compatible, and is connect to the computer's USB port, thus requiring no external power supply.

Magnetic Stripe Reader      
Magnetic Stripe Reader