Works with Scanshell® or Snapshell® Scanners only.

Scanshell.Net® OCR Driver License Scanner is an easy-to-use module, which acts as a driver license scanner by scanning driver licenses and various other ID cards. It provides you with both the driver license data and image, arranged in appropriate database fields.
The application offers powerful and flexible database capabilities, allowing you to sort, arrange, store, retrieve, and easily export data to various applications, email and the web.

This driver license scanner application eliminates the need to use magnetic strip or barcode readers for the purpose of collecting driver license information. Just insert the card into the scanner and for Driver License will automatically get both a picture of the driver license and the text information propagated into the fields of a powerful database application.

SDK tools

ScanShell.Net® OCR Driver License Scanner is available with our powerful SDK tools at no extra charge, with support for C++, Visual Basic and many other programming tools and languages.

Works with DYMO Label Printers

Supports the following DYMO Label Printer versions:
330 Turbo
450 Turbo (See installation instructions).


ScanShell.Net® OCR Driver License Scanner comes with a variety of scanners. All scanners are twain compatible (excluding SnapShell®), color with a resolution of 600 dpi. The scanners connect to the computer's USB port, thus requiring no external power supply.

A6 simplex scanner A6 duplex scanner A4 simplex scanner A4 duplex scanner - New SnapShell® R2 Camera scanner
A6 simplex card scanner A6 duplex card  scanner A4 driver license scanner A4 duplex card scanner OCR camera scanner
        NOT TWAIN compatible