Works with Scanshell® or Snapshell® Scanners only.

ScanShell.Net ID Barcode Scanner is an easy-to-use module, capable of scanning both 1D and PDF 417 2D barcodes. It combines the efficiency of PDF 417 barcodes with the application's powerful and flexible database capabilities, allowing you to sort, arrange, store, retrieve, and print data and images extracted from barcodes. You can also export the data to various applications, email, FTP, or the web automatically. In addition, our reader provides you with the card or the card holder face image.

SDK tools

ScanShell.Net® ID Barcode scanner is available with our powerful SDK tools at no extra charge, with support for C++, Visual Basic and many other programming tools and languages.


ScanShell.Net® ID Barcode scanner comes with a variety of scanners. All scanners are twain compatible, color with a resolution of 600 dpi. The scanners connect to the computer's USB port, thus requiring no external power supply.

A6 simplex scanner A6 duplex scanner A4 simplex scanner A4 duplex scanner
A6 ID Barcode scanner A6 duplex ID Barcode scanner A4 ID Barcode scanner A4 duplex ID Barcode scanner