MedicScan ® OCR True Parse

OCR window

Finally, a True solution for scanning and retrieving information from medical insurance cards! Not only can MedicScan ® OCR True Parse automatically extract vital information from the insurance cards, but it can also place the data into appropriate fields. In addition to this, the image of the card will become interactive, allowing the user to select specific fields, parts of a field, or even multiple fields together for additional extraction.

The image of the insurance card is interactive and can be used as follows:

MedicScan OCR True Parse 1. You can click on one of the fields located on the right panel and then move the mouse to anyone of the highlighted fields on the insurance card. One left click on a field will then copy the data to the selected field on the right panel.

2. Pressing the shift button and clicking on one of the highlighted fields on the insurance card will then enable you to drag and drop the data to your application.

3. If you left click and drag on a highlighted field you can then copy part of the field; the text captured will appear at the bottom panel. You have the option of using this field if you only need a certain part of a field to appear.

4. A left click and drag on multiple highlighted fields will allow you to copy the text from all selected fields in the order you selected them. Use this option if you want to capture multiple lines such as an address.

5. In addition, rolling the scroll button on the mouse will enable you to switch between the unassigned fields on the right panel.


  • Captures data from Medical Insurance Cards and Driver’s Licenses.
  • Electronically store the image of the full medical insurance card driver’s license and/or cropped signature and face image.


  • Reduced data input errors.
  • No more photocopying and/or manual data entry.


MedicScan ® OCR comes with a choice of TWAIN compatible color scanner ranging from A6 to A4, simplex, duplex, or camera based with a resolution up to 600 dpi.

A6 simplex scanner A6 duplex scanner A4 simplex scanner A4 duplex scanner
Medicscan OCR True Parse a6 scanner Medicscan OCR True Parse A6 duplex scanner Medicscan OCR True Parse A4 scanner Duplex scanner - ScanShell 3100D
SnapShell® Camera scanner      
Medicscan OCR True Parse camera scanner      
NOT TWAIN compatible