Taking the SnapShell® technology to the next level Card Scanning Solutions introduces the latest in Passport image capturing hardware.

The SnapShell® Passport captures up to Passport sized images fast by using digital camera technology and only requires a USB 2.0 connection. It is easy to use because there are no moving parts and does not require calibration, just place the document* for imaging on the glass plate and the SnapShell® Passport will do the rest!

* Reads Passports, Driver’s Licenses, Medical Insurance Cards, Business Cards, and other mediums up to 5"x3.5".

Features and Benefits of SnapShell® Passport reader

  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance - no calibration.
  • Low wear and tear - no mechanical moving parts.
  • Picture quality up to 600 dpi true color
  • Fast processing time within seconds
  • Variety of software options available
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10
With CSSN’s variety of OCR software packages and development tools you can:
  • Integrate the SnapShell® Passport and CSSN’s OCR software into 3rd party applications to automate registration systems.
  • Authenticate the validity of driver's licenses using legacy Infrared technology Optical Ultra Violet (upon special order) and Infrared authentication.
Features coming soon!
  • Smart Card and RFID processing
  • Authentication using Digimark watermark technology
  • Variety of hardware models