SnapShell® IDR ID Reader

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OCR ID Reader Makes ID Reading As Easy as Snapping a Picture

  • Fast image capture - 300 dpi 1 second, 600 dpi 2 seconds
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Read OCR of driver’s licenses and ID cards of all 50 US states and over 45 countries around the world
  • Extract both data and images
  • Automatic state detection
  • Automatically detects the placement of cards to trigger scanning
  • SnapShell IDR captures a full image of the license, or face & signature image only.
  • Integrate Snapshell® and software features into 3rd party applications
SnapShell® IDR ID Reader supports Linux under WINE.
SnapShell® is NOT TWAIN compatible.

Software options:

idScan® software - Scan to a text file.® - Scan to a powerful database

SnapShell® IDR is the smart data collection choice for access control and visitor management needs, or within any arena that requires the collection and maintenance of ID data. With a comprehensive coverage of government-issued identification, its fast total processing time and its OCR accuracy, the SnapShell® IDR ID Reader will automate the data-collection process, making the inefficiency of manual data collection and record-keeping obsolete.