SnapShell® ID Reader Camera Solution

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The SnapShell® camera scanner is a revolutionary new id reader for capturing driver’s license information quickly and accurately.

The SnapShell® uses a 3 mega-pixel camera built into its base to “snap“ high quality digital images of ID cards (up to 600 dpi).

The easy-to-use SnapShell® scanner uses a USB 2.0 connection and features no moving parts while requiring no calibration, making it a low maintenance solution that allows users to simply place their card face down on the window and letting the id reader system to do the rest.

SnapShell® supports Linux under WINE.
SnapShell® is NOT TWAIN compatible.

The SnapShell’s innovative geometric design features a small footprint that makes this id reader tool a convenient desktop tool while its easy integration into kiosks provides a time- and cost effective means of automated information collection.

Features and Benefits of SnapShell® ID reader

  • Easy plug and play installation.
  • Low maintenance - no calibration.
  • Low wear and tear - no mechanical moving parts.
  • Excellent picture resolution - 600dpi true color.
  • Fast processing time - 2-3 seconds.
  • Optical Ultra Violet authentication option is available upon special order.
  • Infrared authentication.
  • Optional state-of-the-art ID authentication.
  • Easy integration of authentication technologies.
  • Variety of models and software packages.
With our variety of software packages and development tools you can:
  • Read OCR of driver′s licenses and ID cards of all 50 US states and over 45 countries around the world
  • Read 1D and PDF 417 2D barcodes
  • Read business cards
  • Integrate SnapShell and software features into 3rd party applications
  • Authenticate validity of driver's licenses using legacy Infrared technology
  • Optical Ultra Violet (upon special order) and Infrared authentication
  • Authenticate driver's licenses using state-of-the-art id reader technology

The id reader can come bundled with our idScan® software or® modular software, or can be used with an SDK for smooth integration into 3rd party software.