Security Industry

Personal safety is on everyone’s priority and the need for security management software is at an all time high. Facilities such as schools, hospitals, and corporate headquarters are implementing visitor management software and ID scanners to provide such safety. Such systems control access to facilities, streamline visitor check-in and check-out, analyze visitor data, run queries, and report against databases. These visitor management solutions can be tailored to individual needs and is capable of registering, verifying, and badging.

Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) ID scanners accurately capture detailed information from visitor ID’s, Business Cards, and/or Passports in seconds. With an image of either medium, pertinent information is auto-populated into necessary registration fields. Visitor information can be kept confidential with respect to privacy laws. Visitor management systems improve and automate facility security. Institutions can enhance their image by dealing with visitors more professionally. In the end, everyone from visitors to employees, feel safer.

CSSN Inc. Security Industry Solutions:

  • idScan for Driver Licenses – With the ID scanners solutions from CSSN, physical access management and visitor management is a breeze. idScan quickly scans and reads personal identification cards including driver licenses, ID cards, passports and business cards. idScan for driver licence’s is able to extract the image on the card into a file or the clipboard which can then be exported to various applications, email, FTP and the web. idScan is also capable of reading the card's printed information from both sides of the card, as well as barcodes and magnetic strips. By having this information at your fingertips, access management and decision making can be done faster, easier and more accurately.
  • SnapShell R2 – The SnapShell R2 ID scanner is the smart data collection choice for access control and visitor management, identification and tracking. SnapShell R2 ID scanner is capable of reading and extracting data from driver licenses and ID cards from all 50 US states.
  • ScanShell.Net for ID Cards – Creating a database has never been simpler with the product from CSSN Inc.. This modular package scans a variety of personal cards such as driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, passports, visit cards etc., as well as checks and photos and transfers the scanned data into a user friendly easy to use database. This database can be customized enabling you to add notes and categories based on your requirements or even integrated into existing applications. Maintaining detailed information on people entering or exiting premises becomes effortless with CSSN’s ID scanners.
  • idScan for Passports - Scans passports & driver licenses, and provides you with both the image of the document and the text information arranged in appropriate text fields. The extracted image and data can be saved to a file or the clipboard, or exported to various applications, email, FTP and the web.
  • Scanshell.Net for Passports - An easy-to-use passport scanning solution that scans passports and driver licenses, providing you with the document image and data, arranged in appropriate text fields of a powerful and flexible database.

Examples of CSSN Inc. Security Solution and ID scanners Implementations:

  • Schools and Academic Institutions – Access Control
  • Property and Business – Visitor Management
  • Airports and Travel Ports
  • Nightclubs and Bars

These are just a few of the cutting edge solutions and ID scanners CSSN Inc. has that can assist in the security of any organization. All CSSN Inc. solutions can be implemented as stand alone or can be integrated into any existing application with the available SDK.

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