Scan2Contacts is a fully integrated, add-on scanning system for Microsoft ™ Outlook ™ contacts management software. It scans business cards and automatically inputs both their textual data and image into a new contact record in Outlook ™.

Within seconds of placing a card into the business card scanner, Scan2Contacts pulls the information off the card using OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology, and automatically populates the text fields of a new Outlook ™ contact record (name, title, phone number, etc.) While also capturing an image file of the card.

Scan2Contacts works directly from within Outlook ™ and does not require cards to be scanned into a 3rd party application before the information can be imported into Outlook ™.

To scan business cards directly to your SalesForce, please check Scan2CRM

To scan business cards directly to ACT!, please check Scan2ACT!

We support the following:
Microsoft Outlook 2007 - 2013 and MS Office 365


Scan2contacts Business card scanner comes with a variety of scanners. All scanners are twain compatible, color with a resolution of 600 dpi. The scanners connect to the computer's USB port, thus requiring no external power supply.

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