Point of sale systems (POS), loyalty programs, and age verification tools are a necessity in today’s retail establishments. Card Scanning Solutions, CSSN, offers a variety of solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of retail businesses. Anytime there is a need for customer information registration, CSSN can do it in a snap!

Point of sale systems (POS)
  • Faster check processing transactions, grab image of the Driver’s License or ID, no need for manual writing of customer information on checks.
  • Point of sale systems are perfect marketing objectives tool for specialty stores by having customer demographics recorded for mailing purposes.
Loyalty Programs
  • No need for mail-in applications, just scan the customer’s Driver’s License or ID and have the customer registered in an instant.
  • No need for timely look-ups for customer information, just scan the customer’s Driver’s License or ID and integrated systems will look up the information.
Age Verification
  • Effective tool for verifying age from Driver’s License or ID’s for regulated sales such as tobacco, alcohol, and pseudoephedrine drugs.
  • Snapshell® FDA unit has the capability of authentication by Digimarc watermark detection.

CSSN Retail Solutions:

IDScan® Software Line Snapshell® Line
  • SnapShell® FDA- a Driver’s License and ID reader that authenticates by reading the Digimarc watermark printed on the cards and comparing it to the data that is extracted by OCR.
  • Snapshell® POS ( Point of sale systems )- an all in one solution that consists of the Snapshell® IDR reader, Signature pad, and Magshell® 900, a magnetic strip reader.
  • Reads textual information from magnetic strip and barcodes and export into an internal file or clipboard. It can also read credit card magnetic strips but must be used with 3rd party merchant services.

All CSSN Inc. solutions can be implemented as stand alone or can be integrated into any existing application with the available SDK. For additional questions on our Point of sale systems and other products, or need any further assistance please contact us at 213/867-2625.