Pawnshop / Jeweller Industry

Pawn and Jewellery shops are a key presence within today’s retail industry. Due to the high cost nature of their goods and services, these establishments are heavily regulated and highly secured. Pawn and Jeweller shop Id card scanning software need to cater not only to the small independent shops but also the larger corporate retail chains. These Id card scanning software packages offer customer relationship management at its core.

In order to meet regulations, pawn and jewellery shops need to ensure that they maintain accurate and up to date information of inventory items in their shop as well as detailed identity information of the person who has pawned and/or purchased various items. Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) offers an array of Id card scanning solutions that address these requirements offering easy-to-use and efficient systems that aid those involved in the pawn industry.

CSSN Pawn Industry Solutions:

  • idScan for Driver Licenses – With the ID card scanning solutions from CSSN, obtaining the ID details of a seller/customer is simple. idScan efficiently scans and reads personal identification cards including driver licenses, ID cards, passports and business cards. idScan for driver licenses is able to extract the image on the card into a file or the clipboard which can then be exported to various applications, email, FTP and the web. idScan is also capable of reading the card's printed information from both sides of the card as well as barcodes and magnetic strips. Maintaining detailed and accurate information of the seller is made easy for pawnshops with the help of idScan and also aids them in keeping accurate records of the seller as required by the law.
  • ScanShell.Net for ID Cards – Creating a database has never been simpler with the product from CSSN. This modular Id card scanning package scans a variety of personal cards such as driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, passports, visit cards etc., as well as checks and photos and transfers the scanned data into a user friendly easy to use database. This database can then be customized enabling you to add notes and categories based on your requirements or even integrated into existing applications. Maintaining detailed information on customers and the goods they have pawned becomes effortless.
  • Scanshell.Net OCR Passport Scanner - An easy-to-use passport scanning solution that scans passports and driver licenses, providing you with the document image and data, arranged in appropriate text fields of a powerful and flexible database.

CSSN offers a wide variety of Id card scanning solutions to the pawn industry to improve accuracy and efficiency and also to ensure compliance to industry regulations. All CSSN solutions can be implemented as stand alone or can be integrated into any existing application with the available SDK.

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