OCR Technology Optical Character Recognition, OCR, is the process of converting data from scanned documents into computer-editable text that can be populated into other applications. This technology isn’t limited to magnetic strip or bar-code reading. Our high-level DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms filter and clean tarnished images received from an ID scanner, such as driver license images with non-uniform background colors and text that are covered with stamps and holograms. This core technology differentiates our solution from other OCR providers.

When scanning a document, you get an image of the text. Letters are made of pixels that when placed together form a picture of the text. However, this text is not editable therefore OCR technology comes in handy. The software analyzes the image and converts it to editable text based on the patterns of the pixels in the image. Once this is done, the converted text is exported and used in your business applications and databases.

OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) systems allow you to achieve a fully automated information flow, improving accuracy and efficiency in document processing, preventing unnecessary errors. With a minimum of manual interference, the OCR software automatically finds and extracts information from your documents. The data is interpreted and transported into other applications.