In the Media

SnapShell as part of schools security systems - Published in the Chicago Tribune.

Card Scanning Solution's SnapShell is part of a new security system called Hall Pass at Alex M. Martino Junior High School in New Lenox. PDF Icon Read more...

Card Scanning Technology is an Integral Element of Casino Operations - Published in the Casino Enterprise Management web site.

Card Scanning Solution's technology utilizes advanced image-processing technology along with optical character recognition (OCR) to scan and extract information from driver's licenses and other forms of identification.PDF Icon Read more...

Credit unions face new ID challenges complying with the Patriot Act.
For one credit union, a comprehensive solution to this requirement has been the identification card scanning products offered by Card Scanning Solutions. Read more...

The Importance of Tenant Identification published in the ISS magazine

In the age of post-9/11, various industries-self-storage included-are finding it necessary to implement heightened security measures, One simple yet extremely effective means of tightening security is requiring tenants to provide official documents (driver's license, passport, immigration card, etc.) to verify their identity and provide a record of information.PDF Icon Read more...

Questions & Answers
A conversation with Iuval Hatzav, vice president of marketing for Card Scanning Solutions, published in Security Products on April 2004

Time is money, or so the old cliché goes. To reduce the time employees typically spend handling ID cards, photocopying, flatbed/sheet-feed scanning, rescanning and formatting, a product is on the market that can enhance productivity. Manufacturers of this product say the time savings can be more than 60 seconds per card. In a busy office or hospital, this could translate into more than an hour of recaptured productivity per employee, per day.PDF Icon Read more...

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