MedicScan ® for the Medical industry

Patient data is an integral aspect of the healthcare industry. Patient registration is the first step of most medical transactions. Card Scanning Solutions provides MedicScan ®, its flagship product for the medical industry. With an image of a driver’s license or ID, patient demographics are automatically populated into patient registration pages. Billing registration is done in a breeze with the scanning of medical insurance cards and billing pages automatically populated with patient insurance information.

Medicscan® comes in many levels each with its various functions and capabilities:
  • MedicScan ® OCR True Parse - which captures the card's image and also extract the card's textual data, presents it in an interactive window and saves both into files.
  • MedicScan ® - which captures the card's image and saves it into a file.

We also provide a comprehensive SDK that allows for seamless integration. Whether it’s for ARRA, HIPAA, Red Flag, and Meaningful Use, we have solutions that meet these requirements.

In addition to the MedicScan® software, we offer a full line of hardware solutions that fit the healthcare industry needs. Our premier hardware Snapshell® is a cutting-edge scanning solution that needs no calibration and has no moving parts. This low maintenance solution boasts a fast scanning speed due to its camera base, image is captured in a snap.

Along the lines of Snapshell® is our tried and true ScanShell® line of scanning solutions. From simplex to duplex scanning capabilities, ScanShell® offers a wide array of solutions such as the following: ScanShell® 800’s, ScanShell® 1000’s, ScanShell® 2000’s, ScanShell® 3000’s, and the MagShell® 900.

Should you already have an existing scanning solutions or TWAIN compatible hardware; our MedicScan® software will provide functionality with a simple activation.

Medicscan® Implementations:

  • Doctor’s/ Dentist’s Offices- private practice, group practices
  • Medical Clinics- outpatient services
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Patient testing laboratories
  • Medical Research Facilities
  • Temporary Field Clinics and/or Operations (flu shots, physicals, etc)

CSSN Inc. is proud to offer the healthcare industry solutions of MedicScan® line that increase efficiency, provide better customer service, and environmental care. Should you have any questions or need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

MedicScan ® -The best software solution for the Medical Industry