Kiosk Industry

“Do it yourself” or “DIY” has become an operative term in the dawn of the technological age. Kiosks or self-service systems can be seen in a lot of places that include banks, hospitals, stadiums, and even malls. Customer registration is done by the customer themselves saving additional manpower time. Kiosk systems are built to have minimal maintenance and ease of use.

Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) offers image processing systems with an ID scanner that are ideal for kiosk systems. It takes very little time and energy from the user. With an image extracted from an ID or other identity mediums, the registration process is done instantly. The user-friendly Snapshell® ID scanner eliminate user training with its simple snap the card and go utility. The units require no calibration and has no moving parts, maintenance have a limited need for physical interaction. Please contact us for kiosk configuration information.

CSSN Inc. Kiosk Solutions:

  • idScan® software – With the ID scanner solutions from CSSN, obtaining the ID details of a kiosk or event visitor is simple. idScan® software efficiently scans and reads personal identification cards including driver licenses, ID cards, passports and business cards. idScan® software also enables the efficient processing of visitors during the registration process providing an efficient system of obtaining required identification data and attendance information. idScan® software for Business Cards is one of idScan®’s easy-to-use modules that scans business cards and provides you with both the card’s image, as well as the text information arranged in appropriate text fields. The extracted text and images can be saved or exported to other applications, email, and the web. The small business card scanner does not require an external power supply and so can easily be used at any trade show or event.
  • SnapShell® R2 – The SnapShell® R2 ID scanner is the smart data collection choice for access control and visitor management, identification and tracking. The SnapShell® R2 is capable of reading and extracting data from driver licenses and ID cards from all 50 US states. The SnapShell’s R2 innovative geometric design features a small footprint that makes this ID scanner tool a convenient desktop solution while its easy integration into kiosks provides a time and cost effective means of automated information collection. Added to this are the bonus features of no calibration and no mechanical moving parts and the processing time takes between 2-3 seconds.
  • ScanShell.Net® – Creating a database has never been simpler with the product from CSSN. This modular package scans a variety of personal cards such as driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, passports, visit cards etc., as well as checks and photos and transfers the scanned data into a user friendly easy to use database. This database can be customized enabling you to add notes and categories based on your requirements or can even be integrated into existing applications. Maintaining detailed information on people visiting your kiosk at a trade show or event becomes effortless.

Examples of CSSN Inc. Kiosk Solution Implementations:

  • Trade Shows
  • Rental Car facilities
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Commercial Areas

The more information you collect from your trade show or event visitors and leads, the more effective your follow-up initiatives will be and so CSSN Inc. is the perfect choice. The CSSN ID scanner solutions are all about saving time, improving efficiency and ensuring that there is a return on investment from the trade show by creating and maintaining accurate lead information. All CSSN Inc. solutions can be implemented as stand alone or can be integrated into any existing application with the available SDK.

To learn more about how CSSN Inc. can assist you and your organization, click here to make contact with us.