Scanning Medical Insurance Cards with an Insurance Card Scanner

In today’s automated world, new technologies are constantly coming on the market to make our lives easier. One technology that has arrived to stay is the Insurance Card scanner. This simple, yet brilliant device, allows you to scan cards and put the information in manageable and useful database systems. No longer do you have to manually input insurance cards into your software system ­ it’s already done for you with just a swipe of the card.

The Insurance Card Scanner technology
The technology behind this system is actually quite simple. The scanner scans the insurance card’s information, such as medical ID number, name, address, and date of birth, and then it’s extracted into a working file or database. email, or web address. Its image can even be captured and saved for further use, such as for a patient’s electronic chart. The insurance card scanner is small enough to sit on the counter right besides a desktop or laptop computer.

How the Insurance Card Scanner can work for you If you’re working in a busy medical practice, the insurance card scanner can be a real time saver. Imagine that you have to manually input every patient’s insurance card into your database system, while at the same time function at your other duties. You’re probably spending a large chunk of time inputting insurance cards into the system. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to simply swipe your patient’s card in an insurance card scanner and it would be extracted into a database, in a matter of seconds? You would waste no more time with data entry. You would have more time to address your patients’ needs.

The insurance card scanner would also cut down on human error. It’s incredibly easy to make data entry errors by simply typing in one wrong number in a medical record card. With the insurance card scanner, you don’t have that chance of error. It scans the information correctly each and every time. Your records are more accurate and your doctors are happier. It also allows for better archiving, as everything is automated.

The insurance card scanner will make your life much easier and your patients and physicians will also benefit from its use.