idScan® OCR - Medical Cards Scanner

Works with ScanShell® scanners
or any other TWAIN compliant Medical Cards scanner

idScan® OCR software and medical cards scanner quickly and accurately captures the image of medical insurance cards from both sides of the card. It also extracts the card's text information and presents it in text format. The captured images and text can be attached to the patient's electronic chart, saved to a file, or exported to various applications such as a database, MS Word and Excel, etc., as well as emailed and sent to an FTP or web address.

This medical cards scanner effectively eliminates the time and efforts of manually typing the information into your software, increases productivity and reduces human error by automating the archiving process.


idScan® OCR software and Medical Cards scanner comes with a variety of scanners. All scanners are twain compatible (excluding SnapShell®), color with a resolution of 600 dpi. The scanners connect to the computer's USB port, thus requiring no external power supply.
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