OCR ID Scanners

Scanshell® Comparison Chart | Snapshell® Comparison Chart
ScanShell 800N business card scanner
The ScanShell® 800R is a sheet-fed A6 id scanner which is TWAIN compliant. This color scanning device interfaces with any standard USB port making it the ideal scanning solution for a wide variety of identification cards including; ID cards, medical insurance cards, driver’ licenses and more. The innovative geometric design of the scanner features a small footprint enabling you to incorporate this solution into your environment with ease. With the ability to scan, save and maintain information from ID cards accurately and efficiently, this scanner is the perfect solution in a wide variety of industries such as Health, Financial, and Hospitality.ocr id scanners
ScanShell 800DXN duplex ID card scanner
The ScanShell® 800DX is a duplex scanning solution for ID cards, driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards. This means that the user is able to scan both sides of a document in one scan. This scanner, which is one of our various ID scanners, is also an A6 sheet-fed TWAIN compliant device which connects to the computer’s USB port and does not require a power supply. Its small, lightweight and innovative design makes it the perfect scanning solution. With its powerful scanning engine, the ScanShell® 800DX is capable of scanning a variety of identification documents including paper photos, ID cards and insurance cards.duplex id scanners
ScanShell 900DX duplex ID card scanner
The ScanShell® 900DX is a duplex scanner extracts textual data from Driver’s Licenses, 2D Barcodes, Magnetic Stripes, Medical Insurance Cards, and Business Cards. It captures both the front and back of the image simultaneously in less than 4 seconds. duplex id scanner
ScanShell 1000A passports scanner
The ScanShell® 1000B is the ideal solution for scanning the images of passports and drivers licenses. This scanner offers the convenience of external power-free scanning and its ultra-compact innovative design makes it the perfect scanning hardware for any business. It is also designed to connect to any Windows-based PC system that has a USB 2.0 port and TWAIN driver support. It supports Windows Vista & 7, 32 & 64 bits. The scanner has a flat-bed, contact image sensor (CIS) design and it is capable of color (24 bit), gray scale (8 bit) and black and white scanning of documents up to 5 x 3.3 in. (127 x 83mm) in area. The optical resolution can achieve up to 600 dpi (dots per inch).flatbad id scanners
ScanShell 2000R portable id scanners
The ScanShell® 2000R is an A4 driver license scanner. This scanner provides cutting edge imaging mobility to the management and processing of documents. Since this scanner is the smallest A4 color scanning device among our variety of id scanners, it offers portability, convenience and flexibility to both users in an office environment as well as to those who are on a business trip. The scanner can interface with any standard USB port and it offers a unique combination of no external power consumption, high-speed and quality scanning. id scanners
ScanShell 3100DN portable duplex scanner
The ScanShell® 3100D is a high-speed duplex ids scanner which enables you to capture both sides of the scanned document simultaneously. Since the scanner offers high image quality capturing, it is the ideal solution for scanning a variety of cards including, insurance cards, passports, driver licenses and ID cards. It is equipped with a high speed USB 2.0 standard interface and it requires no external power supply. It is also TWAIN and WIA compatible making this scanner the perfect solution for your scanning requirements.duplex id scanners

The SnapShell® R2 camera scanner is a revolutionary ID reader for the capturing of ID card information. Its ability to scan information accurately and efficiently makes this the ideal choice for access control and visitor management needs, as well as in any environment that requires the collection and maintenance of ID data. The SnapShell® R2 ID scanner brings a unique combination of fast processing time, quality OCR scanning with no external power consumption. With a comprehensive coverage of government-issued identification as well its innovative geometric design, the SnapShell® is a convenient desktop tool which will automate the data-collection process, thereby saving you time and eliminating human error.ids scanners

The Passport SnapShell® is an innovative capturing device for the data collection and authentication of passport size images and plastic ID cards. Using digital camera technology, it is able to quickly and accurately collect data. The camera unit is powered via a single USB 2.0 port which means that no external power is required. It has a small footprint and is lightweight. Our SnapShell scanning id scanners also have no moving parts and do not require calibration making it easy to use. Simply place your document on to the glass plate, and within seconds, the Passport SnapShell® will automatically capture the required image. passport id scanners