ID Card Scanning

Id scanner and software to capture information from US and International ID cards, Driver’s Licenses and other Government issued identity credential.

ID Card Scanning

Data and image

Read the card's printed information from both sides, as well as capturing a full image of the license, face image and signature image.

idScan® OCR - Scan to file with pass through scanner® OCR - Scan to database with pass through scanner

Image only

Capturing the card's image.

idScan® software - Scan to file

Magnetic strip

Read magnetic stripes of driver licenses, and extract the data including any AAMVA and ISO compliant driver’s license.

idScan® Magnetic Reader - Scan to file® Magnetic Reader - Scan to database


Reading and interpreting 2D PDF417 and 1-D symbol from driver license barcodes.

idScan® Barcode Reader - Scan to file® Barcode Reader - Scan to database

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