Hospitality & Gaming Industries

Guest information and verification is pivotal for hospitality institutions. The weary guest wants to speedily check-in and be on their way to their rooms and relax. Hotel and Motel management software allows guests to check-in with an image of their ID or passport with no typing required by the front desk agent, using an ID scanner. Pertinent information of guests is automatically registered including their picture. Hospitality management software allows hotel and motels to manage their guest population as well as operations.

Customer loyalty is integral in the hospitality and gaming industry. Casino’s and Resort’s are very attentive to patron tracking. Cage and Casino Management enterprise systems are at a high demand globally. Regulators abiding by the Responsible Gaming objective are keeping track of patrons more and more. With Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) image processing systems and OD scanner, age verification and patron registration is done in a snap. With an image of an ID or passport pertinent information is instantly transferred onto registration pages. Player card issuance is done in a breeze requiring no postage.

CSSN Hospitality & Gaming Solutions:

  • idScan – With the ID scanner solutions from CSSN, a wide variety of personal cards can be easily scanned including driver licenses, ID cards, passports and business cards. With this ability, all guests arriving, checking in or embarking on a journey can be identified within seconds. idScan is capable of reading a card’s printed information from both sides of the card as well as barcodes and magnetic strips. Information can be processed or retrieved 24/7, 365 with a simple click of the mouse. By integrating the extracted data into Customer Relationship and Hospitality Management solutions, knowing and servicing clients’ needs becomes a breeze.
  • ScanShell.Net – With this ID scanner solution, you can capture and process driver’s licenses, ID cards and passports in real time. This has proven itself by being used by top hotels and casinos around the world. Recognized for its cutting-edge technology, it assimilates cost efficiency and the ability to improve customer service applications by capturing and digitizing guest information. ScanShell.Net is capable of reading and detecting false ID’s from all 50 US states and over 45 countries.
  • Scan2Contacts / Scan2CRM – Within seconds, you can capture a patron’s business card information into Microsoft Outlook or your Customer Relationship Management software. This information is then easily accessible and it provides you with a powerful database of customer information.

Examples of CSSN Inc. Hospitality & Gaming Implementations:

  • ID scanner at Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
  • Casino and Player’s Clubs- loyalty programs
  • Bar and Nightclubs
  • Health Clubs and Gyms- new member registration and access control

Knowing your customer means being able to manage their needs efficiently and effectively. The CSSN Inc. hospitality solutions and ID scanner are all about saving time and improving the customer’s experience. All CSSN solutions can be implemented as stand alone or can be integrated into any existing application with the available SDK.

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