Identification has become a hot topic in today’s government policies. Several initiatives such as the Patriot Act, HIPAA, Red Flag, and other identity/privacy laws has forced government bodies to mandate proper identification. The presentation of a government issued form of identification is just a first step. The proper storage and proof of these documents are more critical. Card Scanning Solutions, CSSN Inc., offers a wide array of ID reader solutions for government entities.

Several Federal, State, and Local institutions have already put in place a system that includes an ID reader for image processing of government issued identification. Federal Buildings may have our solution for Visitor Management. State agencies are using CSSN solutions for their Health Division for scanning of ID’s and medical insurance cards. Local government are using CSSN solutions to monitor high dollar amount transactions such as the scrap metal and precious metal markets.

CSSN Solutions for Government Use:

  • idScan® software – An easy-to-use ID reader modular application, capable of scanning a variety of personal cards such as driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, passports, business cards , as well as checks and photos.
  • MedicScan ® - A scanning system that automates and speeds up the process of transferring images from medical cards into electronic forms. It increases productivity and reduces human error by automating the archiving process.
  • SnapShell® R2 - The smart data collection choice for access control and visitor management needs, or within any arena that requires the collection and maintenance of ID data. With a comprehensive coverage of government-issued identification, its fast total processing time and its OCR accuracy, the SnapShell® IDR ID Reader will automate the data-collection process, making the inefficiency of manual data collection and record-keeping obsolete.

Examples of CSSN Government and Military Solution Implementations:

  • Passport Scanning – Immigration and Access Control
  • ID and CAC Scanning – Visitor Management
  • Military Card Scanning – Efficient personnel management
These are just a few examples of the government and military solutions CSSN has to offer. All CSSN solutions can be implemented as stand alone or can be integrated into any existing application with the available SDK.

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