Form Processing & Reading

Our form processing software captures the data from paper and electronic documents and delivers it into software applications. This helps save time, improves data accuracy, increases efficiency and helps businesses stay in compliance.

Our form processing software is an automated data entry software which identifies and extracts data from any type of form. Once the data is captured it can be exported into back-end databases or systems including document or content management systems.

Typical forms processed using our software include paper, electronic or faxed:

  • Mortgage forms such as appraisals or loan documents
  • Insurance claims
  • Compliance documents for any industry
  • Credit applications
  • Invoices
  • And many more


Speed Processing
Our form processing software reduces time-consuming data entry by serving as an automated data entry software solution that speeds up the processing of business-critical information, allowing you to capture information faster.

Cost Reduction
By capturing the data our form processing technology allows higher productivity from data entry staff and as a result reduction in the workforce needed for data entry. Furthermore, this will allow your company to reassign personnel to more productive areas.

Improved Accuracy

Every manual keystroke has the potential for error. By reducing keystrokes, our form processing software minimizes errors.

Our form processing software:
  • Scans and imports forms, images and electronic data streams.
  • Identifies forms automatically.
  • Uses OCR to read and capture data from forms whether that data be in machine print, or barcodes.
  • Enables an operator to verify the accuracy of data on forms and correct data if necessary.
  • Exporst data and images to XML, PDF, HTML, ASCII and Word into third party applications etc...
  • Supports local, hosted, and web applications.
  • Has a fully customizable SDK available for integration.

OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) systems allow you to achieve a fully automated information flow, improving accuracy and efficiency in document processing, preventing unnecessary errors. With a minimum of manual interference, the OCR software automatically finds and extracts information from your documents. The data is interpreted and transported into other applications.

Form processing - FormShell

Our form processing software can be customized to accept a variety of file types such as pdf, tif, jpeg and many more. Once the document is received the engine will OCR the information and send it to the proper application.