Financial Industry

Banks and Credit Unions are looking for technology solutions that are processing transactions, automating business processes and managing vital information. The financial industry needs to efficiently manage paper flow in an electronic manner and safeguard sensitive information. Regulations such as Red Flag, HIPAA, and Patriot Act make this industry highly guarded. Customer credentials are mandatory and information must be secured.

IDScan® software, our ID scanner solution is the perfect tool for the new accounts registration process. With an image of a Driver’s License or State ID, pertinent information such as name, address, date of birth, and signature are populated into registration pages. Our Snapshell® FDA unit takes an additional step of verifying the authenticity of the Driver’s License by looking for the L1 watermark (currently used in 43 states). Identification images that require privacy protection can be stored via password accessible or through encryption.

Scanned electronic files improves office organization and simplifies tax and auditing procedures by giving you fast and easy access to information, resulting in improved client satisfaction, lower costs and improved profitability. Whether your firm needs to simply capture identifying information using an ID scanner, or full financial documents, Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc. ) has the right solution for you.

CSSN Inc. Financial Industry Solutions:

  • idScan® software – With the ID scanner solutions from CSSN Inc., a wide variety of personal cards can be easily scanned including driver licenses, ID cards, passports and business cards. Customer information can be captured within seconds allowing you to focus on your client and not on the paperwork. idScan is capable of reading a card's printed information from both sides of the card as well as barcodes and magnetic strips. Information can be processed or retrieved with a simple click of the mouse and integrating the extracted data into your Customer Relationship Management could not be easier.
  • idScan® for Checks – With this solution, you are able to scan checks quickly and easily into high resolution images. The check’s data information is also captured and arranged in appropriate database fields. The idScan check scanner solution uses MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) technology to read the check’s MICR line, providing you with the check number, account number and routing number. In addition, idScan for Checks extracts and provides you with all the information on the check such as the name and address of the payer and payee, check amount, etc. The extracted information is saved to a file or the clipboard, and can be exported to any application, email and the web. idScan for checks relieves data processors of a significant amount of work and increases data recording accuracy and efficiency.

Examples of CSSN Inc. ID scanner Implementations in the Financial industry :

  • Insurance Companies
  • Stock Brokerages
  • Banks
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Investment Funds
  • Consumer Finance Companies
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