Scanning Checks with a Check Scanner

When you’re working for a large company that receives a lot of checks for payment, how can you easily access that information and organize it in a simple-to-use, manageable database system? Through a Check scanner, that scans checks and creates a manageable database system.

So how does a Check scanner create such a workable system? A Checks scanner utilizes magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) to read the data on a check. Basically, this MICR technology reads the MICR line on the check, which includes such data as the check number, bank number, and routing number. The Check scanner also reads non-MICR information such as the person’s name and address, phone number, and check number. The scanner then takes this information and either saves it in a file or clipboard, which can later be sent to various applications, email, or the web. In essence, the scanner has just created a database of information for all your customers who pay by check.

Another great feature of the Check scanner is that it can create a high-resolution image of the check itself, which can then be saved in the appropriate files or sent to other applications. It’s the same image you see online when you access your bank account and request to see who cashed your check. The Check scanner is also compact, so it can easily be used in an office environment. It doesn’t even require an external electrical supply – it can be moved around the office or even taken outside with a laptop.

Using a Check scanner in your business

Imagine if you had one of these scanners at your office. Instead of photocopying all the checks and then transferring data into a workable spreadsheet, you can simply scan your checks and within minutes, receive a complete printout according to check number, name, bank, etc. What usually took hours to complete, now takes minutes. You even keep copies of the checks in your system, so if you wanted to view a certain transaction, simply retrieve the name in your database, and you’ll be able to view the check instantaneously.

With a Check scanner, your record keeping will be more organized, more accurate, and more efficient. Just think of all the time you can save. You’ll wonder why you didn’t use one sooner.