Automotive Industry

Are you looking for ways to save money, increase service revenue, market more effectively, and maintain both happy and loyal customers?

When it comes to purchasing, renting, or vehicle services, the ability to identify a customer quickly and process documentation effectively results in improved customer satisfaction and drive loyal customers. A powerful customer database enables marketing efforts that attract retail sales, expedite the sales process, and increase service business.

Out ID scanners solutions provide you with all what you need. The process starts with customer registration. With an image of a driver license, pertinent information such as name, address, date of birth, and signature are populated into registration pages. The transaction occurs in seconds providing an expedited sales process. It even allows a cropped copy of the picture from the driver’s license to add to the customer file.

CSSN Inc. Automotive Industry Solutions:

  • idScan – With the ID scanners solutions from CSSN Inc. , a wide variety of personal cards can be easily scanned including driver licenses, ID cards, passports and business cards. Customer information can be captured within seconds allowing you to focus on your client and not on the paperwork. idScan is capable of reading a card's printed information from both sides of the card as well as barcodes and magnetic strips. Information can be processed or retrieved with a simple click of the mouse and integrating the extracted data into your Customer Relationship Management could not be easier.
  • ScanShell.Net – ID scanners that capture, process and verify driver’s licenses, ID cards and passports in real time. ScanShell.Net is capable of reading ID’s and drivers licenses from all 50 US states and passports from over 45 countries as well as detecting false documents by being able to verify the textual information against watermarked data.
  • Scan2Contacts / Scan2CRM – Within seconds a client’s business card information can be inputted into Microsoft Outlook or your Customer Relationship Management software. With this ability, you are able to create a powerful database enabling you to maintain customer service and satisfaction.
  • Form Processing & Reading – CSSN Inc. offers form processing and reading software that captures data from paper and electronic documents and delivers it into electronic applications. This data can then be exported into back-end databases or systems including document or content management systems. The benefits of the CSSN Form Processing solution includes, improved data accuracy and time efficiency and automotive dealerships are able to scan sales documentation and purchase contracts with ease and efficiency.

Examples of CSSN Inc. ID scanners implementations in the Automotive industry:

  • New Car Sales – Capture driver’s license information
  • Post Sales Support – Integration with CRM systems
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